eTail Canada 2017

May 16 - 18, 2017

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON


 Asif Khan
Asif Khan Founder & President Location Based Marketing Association
A proud Canadian, Asif is a renowned global speaker, author and serial entrepreneur.  He is currently focused on working as a consultant and venture capitalist to the location-based marketing services community.  In support of this, Asif recently formed the Location Based Marketing Association - an international group dedicated to research and education in the space. 

Prior to launching The LBMA, Asif built 4 start-ups and worked with companies as diverse as Limited Brands, IBM, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Molson-Coors, BestBuy, American Airlines, Cineplex Entertainment, ING Bank, Vroom & Dreesman and L’Oreal. You can catch Asif’s weekly video podcast - This Week In Location-Based Marketing.

An avid technology evangelist, Asif also holds a degree in economics and management sciences from the University of Waterloo, is a adjunct professor at Penn State University, and can be found on Twitter @AsifRKhan

Day Three: The Future Of Innovative Retail Is Now

11:35 AM PUREPLAY PANEL DISCUSSION: Footprinting Retail Experiences Of The Future

While traditional brick and mortar are looking to thrive online, successful pureplays are exploring how to extend their brand. The executives on this panel discuss how building a brand extension is leading to reward, and what creative interactions they are able to yield:
• Why pureplays are moving offline, and what lessons can be learned from their brand extensions
• Looking at new types of small, pop-up like store environments that inhabit creative connections to inspire the customer to buy
• Building interactions versus transactions—what the real payoff can be for any type of retailer