eTail Canada 2017

May 16 - 18, 2017

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON


 Brahm Booth
Brahm Booth Director, Digital Commerce Strategy YM Inc.
Involved in ecommerce and internet marketing since 2006, Brahm has varied experience, from pure play startups, international brands and traditional retail, to various ecommerce operations both small and large. His passions are centered around internet, technology and business efficiencies. He currently oversees the ecommerce operations across 8 brands with YM Inc. and is building out and acting on a 5 year roadmap as the organization tackles the digital era.

Day Three: The Future Of Innovative Retail Is Now

10:55 PM Leading The Digital Transformation: Meshing Traditional Retail With eCommerce and Digital

YM Inc. is a fashion apparel and accessories powerhouse with 10 brands and 100s of stores
across North America. With more brands becoming eCommerce transactional, YM Inc. is in the
midst of a massive digital transformation—one that will collaboratively grow the brands towards
omnichannel and digital nirvana. The powerful retail footprint combined with centralized
technology gives YM Inc. an edge as it enters this new era. Join Bram as he discusses:
• Centralizing your Customer and Brand through Marketing Channels
• Collaboration across all Departments and Infrastructure
• Attribution, Analytics and Digital Drivers: testing, analyzing, and comparing metrics
• Leveraging Economies of Scale: Logistics, Technology, and Contracts