eTail Canada 2017

May 16 - 18, 2017

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON


 Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell General Manager, Influencer Marketing Canada Post Corporation
Jennifer is a leader in multi-channel Marketing strategy, and has spearheaded countless initiatives to support the industry, most recently, the introduction of Smartmail Marketing™ to the marketplace. She joined Canada Post in 2006 and has led teams of experts who bring hands-on marketing experience and knowledge to a wealth of customers, agencies and industry partners across the country. Jennifer and her team have also developed business-building marketing initiatives to inspire marketers, agencies and industry partners, show the art of “what is possible” and to drive multi-channel business growth for Canada Post, across both Smartmail Marketing and eCommerce services.  In her current role, she is focusing her efforts on promoting industry best practices and marketing initiatives, and providing the education, platforms and support that help marketers act on insights to maximize their ROI.

Day One: Borderless Commerce And Beyond

2:15 PM The Brain Has Spoken: The Role of Smartmail Marketing (TM) to Grow Your Business

Even in this digital age, the human brain, regardless of age, is wired to respond to physical.  To get a deeper understanding of the role direct mail plays in the marketing mix, Canada Post commissioned 2 separate neuromarketing research studies...the largest of their kind anywhere.  Examining the impact of digital and physical marketing communication on the human brain, Jennifer will highlight some of the key learning from these studies to help ecommerce leaders:
• Understand the roles of physical and digital marketing channels, and the impact they have on brand awareness, perception, and sales.
• Learn how to effectively integrate physical and digital marketing channels to ensure effective omnichannel marketing.
• See how other eTailers have successfully increased their customer base, and grown their business, by including physical in their marketing mix