eTail Canada 2017

May 16 - 18, 2017

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON


 Lindsay Holesh
Lindsay Holesh Director of Agency Sales North America SweetIQ
Born in Johannesburg, Lindsay migrated at a very young age to Toronto where she graduated from York University in Political Sciences. After graduation, she started working in retail for Levi’s where she learned the ropes of brick and mortar businesses and acquired customer service skills. After brief brush with the financial world where she made stock trading for her clients, she moved to Montreal and started her own business: A directory for moms who were making products from home and needed to be found (a first encounter with Local Marketing).

After working for different startups (including the one that bought her directory), Lindsay landed a sales position at SweetIQ in January 2016. With her understanding about how Local Marketing works and a natural disposition to help people, Lindsay thrives by offering solutions to her clients and building long lasting and nurturing relationships.

Lindsay sees Local Marketing evolving into an omnipresent tactic. “It will no longer be seen as an option, but as a necessity” – and marketers, brands and agencies are now understanding its real value. In a couple of years, and with the help of technology, we will see a seamless integration between what happens online and the actions consumers take offline. Her advice for her team: Act. Don’t wait. If something’s not working, take action, do something. That last email you send at the end of the day might be the one that makes a difference. You’ll see Lindsay exploring activities for her kids in the city and running “near me” searches for the best restaurants in town

Day One: Borderless Commerce And Beyond

11:30 AM Deep Dive Roundtables

These interactive sessions are your opportunity to learn about the most innovative digital and omni-channel solutions on the market in a relaxed setting. Each table will have a specific theme for you to learn from. A highlight of eTail Canada, roundtable discussions are your best opportunity to deep-dive into discussions and idea-share with your peers. You pick 2 themes during this session. Priority seating for retailers. To sponsor a roundtable, contact Mark Barrett

1. Profitably Delivering On Rising Consumer Expectations

John Auld, Sales Director, Radial

Jessica Gale, Director, eCommerce Operations & Development, Holt Renfrew

2. Personalizing Every Customer’s Path To Purchase: 5 Ways To Adjust To Consumer Preferences In Real Time

Marty Yaskowich, VP, Retail Customer Development, iQmetrix

To keep up with changing shopper preferences, and a growing number of channels, retailers must constantly pivot their approach. It’s no wonder 68% of retailers are focused on improving the customer experience by identifying customers, utilizing customer-facing technology and empowering associates with information in real time.

3. Canadian Consumers And UGC: Study Shows How UGC Influences And Engages Canadian Shoppers

Jim Davidson, Director of Research, TurnTo Networks

4. Roundtable

Executive Presenter,

5. The Harsh New Reality of Omni-Channel: Why So Many Fail to Understand and Implement It
Allan Zander, CEO,
omNovos Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions

In a world where information is available anytime, anywhere, it is no surprise that the concept of omni-channel and its implementation is a key priority for retailers across the globe. However, like so many new technologies, the definition and understanding of what omni-channel customer engagement truly is continues to elude many brands. In this session Allan will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of omni-channel. As well as insight on how to properly assess business impact, benefits, requirements, and the importance of proper and well-staged professional implementation.

6. Creating Customer Loyalty With Effective Post-Purchase Messaging

Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Bronto Software

The post-purchase customer experience can often determine whether a customer feels valued and becomes a loyal, repeat customer, or a one-time shopper. As consumer behavior changes, carefully crafting a post-purchase marketing program that reinforces your brand value and meets your customers’ expectations is critical in creating loyalty.

7. What’s Your Tab? Understanding & Improving Gmail Placement
Louis Bucciarelli, Chief Revenue Officer, Return Path

8. dac group

Executive Presenter, dac group

9. Slice, Dice, And Build: The New Foundation Of Digital Marketing Programs

Shane Black, Senior Account Executive, SourceKnowledge

Do you truly know your customer? This Roundtable analyzes your data needs and challenges, and innovative  methods are used for predictive analytics and new prospects. Learn how to turn data into a story for your marketing needs—and unlock data’s potential to create a greater customer interactive experience and lead on path to purchase.

10. Innovative Local Marketing Features Driving Online to Offline Attribution

Lindsay Holesh, Director of Agency Sales North America, SweetIQ

A proliferation of new features have been popping up on search and discovery sites and social media sites that aim to drive attributable consumer actions: features such as being able to order an Uber from a Google Listing or Yelp’s new chat feature that allows customers to chat with a restaurant owner right from Yelp are all serving to build a closed loop digital environment. This roundtable will focus on some of these key features and what you can do as a CMO to begin identifying which features are relevant for your industry and how to track them.