Ben Oren, Director of Search and Innovation at Bouclair
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Ben Oren

Director of Search and Innovation

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Day 1: Discovery Summit: Emerging Technologies, Search, & SEO

Monday, May 4th, 2020

11:20 AM Case Study: Innovating From Within Your Company First: A Proven Path To Increasing Profitability And Efficiency

It’s time to rethink the definition of innovation. When you think of innovation, you likely imagine the client first. You’re likely imagining gadgets to streamline customer experience on your sales floor or eCommerce website. In this session, we’ll discuss a different approach to innovation - one focusing on internal innovative solutions. Companies that invest in internal innovation, leverage technology and human capital to improve processes and thereby increase efficiency and profitability, often seeing results quicker than when implementing client-facing innovation. Moreover, it has the potential to reduce overhead and even improve branding and morale. In this session Ben shares Bouclair’s journey with a company-first mindset. 

Day 2: Next Level Personalization: The Immersive, Hyper-Tailored Shopping Experiences Customers Crave

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

2:30 PM Creative Boardroom (Retailer Only): Winning Ways To Embed Yourself Into The Customer’s Everyday Life Via Visual Search

Bouclair understands that as a lifestyle brand, they must make it as seamless as possible for the customer to envision their products in their very busy lives. How their product will look and feel in real life, outside of the app and outside of the website?  Ben Oren has spearheaded a simple innovation that allows customers to take a picture of their furniture and in seconds, Bouclair will send visual recommendations based on their own inventory. The opportunities for data-driven recommendations are endless. Join Ben for this interactive discussion and learn: 

  • How to embed yourself into the everyday lives of your consumer, including what technologies and touchpoints are crucial 
  • Developing trust with the consumer at the exact moment when they are considering a purchase 
  • Becoming the brand that is top of mind when they want a product in your category, through the combination of innovation and convenience