eTail Canada 2018

15 - 17 May, 2018

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON


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Navigating the Complexities of International Markets: The 2018 eTail Canada Benchmark Report

New for 2018, eTail Canada and Radial have uncovered the most pressing challenges related to international expansions and broken down the strategies that leading retailers are using to combat them. Claim your copy of the research and gain access to the perspectives of leading Canadian retailers. 

eTail Canada Director's Report

With retail eCommerce sales in Canada expected to reach C$34.04 billion in 2016, Canadian businesses are “leap-frogging” over themselves for the next phase in its evolution. Retail market leaders continue major shifts to build online commerce and transform via digital innovation.In this year’s Director’s Report, Megan Kessler, Director of eTail Canada, analyzes the forces driving retail success and innovation and discusses how the retail landscape is facing major change in 2016. Click on the image to download the report now.

Breaking the Border: International Opportunities for Growing Canadian Retailers

Canadian retailers face unique barriers when engaging customers abroad, most notably in the United States. Smaller Canadian retailers are looking towards cost-effective solutions and partnerships that will enable them to build out omnichannel, service, and fulfillment capabilities in Canada and abroad.Breaking the Border provides insights into these retailers’ biggest fulfillment, service, and omnichannel challenges to profitability when engaging customers across borders. You will discover:What methods Canadian retailers will adopt to broaden customer service capabilitiesHow these retailers are responding to growing demand for customer service to drive revenueWhich omnichannel capabilities retailers will expand to meet evolving consumer demands

How Canadian Retailers Are Confronting Inventory and Fulfillment Challenges

The Canadian retail landscape is constantly changing. In an omnichannel world, Canadian brands are constantly being challenged to meet their customers on whatever channel is most convenient for them, and to deliver sold goods as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, that is not always easy. This paper will assess how Canadian brands are responding to the omnichannel paradigm and what that means for their changing inventory management practices. Omni-channel retail is shaking up consumers’ expectations, making them accustomed to seamless shopping and ordering across channels and, just as importantly, expedited delivery at low costs. This poses a unique problem for Canadian retail brands. Click the banner to the left to download the paper now!

2018 eCommerce Innovation Briefing

As Amazon’s retail dominance continues to expand alongside massive store closings by established retailers like Macy’s, Sears, and JC Penney, the need for strategic omni-channel innovation and eCommerce cannot be understated. In our reports and conferences, our audiences are privy to an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the most successful eCommerce and omni-channel retail initiatives. In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are accepting omni-channel growing pains, prioritizing customer experience, and reaping the benefits.

Digital Consumers - How Canadians Will Shop and Spend Differently

Nearly universal access to the internet and fast technology development made fundamental shifts to the commerce landscape in Canada.This extract identifies the characteristics, motivations and shopping preferences of the emerging digitally savvy consumer and highlights how companies and brands can better reach the market.DOWNLOAD NOW TO:Discover what drives and influences Canadian e-commerce spendingUnderstand how digital consumers shop differentlyIdentify the differences in shopping preferences between generations 

Top 5 Retail Trends Shaping Success For 2018

In this report, Colliers provides the Top 5 Trends that will shape success stories for brick and mortar retail in 2018.

Sport Chek and Shoppers Share the Win with Relevant Product Recommendations

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Sport Chek is Canada’s largest national sporting goods retailer. Given the size of Sport Chek’s catalog, they needed a website optimized to guide customers to what they want and need.