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eTail Canada 2020 Director's Report

In this report, we discuss the global spread of eCommerce and how online brands must differentiate themselves from the competition in a meaningful way to effectively attract and retain savvy customers.

How Retail and eCommerce Brands Are Innovating for Success in a Global Pandemic

Although the long-term economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are yet to be seen, it is worth exploring how retailers are using affiliate marketing. This strategy is one that has warranted more investment in the past year, as retailers are navigating their way through the pandemic and looking for innovative ways to reach consumers. The pandemic has impacted retail businesses that rely heavily on customer loyalty solutions. Now more than ever, there are opportunities for retailers to build and grow their customer base by reimagining how they leverage customer loyalty solutions within their engagement strategy.

eTail Canada Innovation Briefing - January 2020

In this report, we break down how leading retailers Best Buy, Loblaw, Lowes and Walmart are finding new paths forward and positioning themselves for success.

eTail Canada 2019 Director's Report

Each year, we build our eTail agenda and speaker faculty based on months of calls with senior-level eCommerce professionals and quantitative surveys. Not only does this research process help us build a cutting-edge conference agenda, we also roll that research into an annual Director's Report. In this Director's Report, we discuss the moment in time for Canadian eCommerce. We also deep dive into the industry drivers, challenges, opportunities, and what happens if retailers don't adopt the latest eCommerce strategies to move their business forward.

eTail Canada 2019 eCommerce Innovation Briefing

As a retail executive, it is more critical than ever to stay abreast of new technologies and strategies that are deployed to gain advantages in customer acquisition and retention. With the growth of Amazon taking place beside massive store closings, the risks and rewards of omnichannel innovation and eCommerce cannot be understated. In this brief report, we give a glimpse into how major retailers are finding new paths forward and positioning themselves for success.

Navigating the Complexities of International Markets: The 2018 eTail Canada Benchmark Report

New for 2018, eTail Canada and Radial have uncovered the most pressing challenges related to international expansions and broken down the strategies that leading retailers are using to combat them. Claim your copy of the research and gain access to the perspectives of leading Canadian retailers. 

2018 eCommerce Innovation Briefing

As Amazon’s retail dominance continues to expand alongside massive store closings by established retailers like Macy’s, Sears, and JC Penney, the need for strategic omni-channel innovation and eCommerce cannot be understated. In our reports and conferences, our audiences are privy to an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the most successful eCommerce and omni-channel retail initiatives. In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several small and large retailers are accepting omni-channel growing pains, prioritizing customer experience, and reaping the benefits.

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