Justin Sannella, DVP, Strategic Partnerships at Holt Renfrew

Justin Sannella

DVP, Strategic Partnerships
Holt Renfrew

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Day 3: Customer Loyalty: How To Bring Your Customers Further Into Your Brand

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

3:40 PM Exploring Retail Theater: Fusing Retail And Digital Entertainment To Drive Engagement

With eCommerce and digital retail channels proliferating, bricks and mortar retail is rethinking what its core differentiating characteristics really are.  Experiential retail and ‘retail theater’ are a new movement in bricks and mortar, to drive traffic and engage customers in a new way.  Leveraging digital platforms to support an interactive, omni-channel retail environment, is proving to be the most effective way to win customers and their discretionary spending power. 

Justin’s experience at the intersection of the luxury department store and some of the world’s most powerful luxury brands, places him in a unique position to witness this transformation.  Luxury retail has been a slow adopter of eCommerce, as experience and craftsmanship – key tenets of most luxury brands – are very hard elements to communicate digitally.  As a result, this is an industry undergoing massive transformation, but rather than simply moving all sales online, it is instead focusing on leveraging digital channels to build brand equity and drive traffic to stores.

In his session, Justin will try to identify some of the key structural pillars underlying this trend, and highlight how the luxury world is bringing this experiential retail concept to a mall near you.