eTail Canada 2019

07 - 09 May, 2019

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON

Richard Downe

Director of Data Science
Loblaw Digital

1:45 PM CASE STUDY Make Dinner with What You Already Have in Your Fridge – Making the Best of the Data You Do Have

This case study will showcase the use of available data to connect with customers and increase sales.  Examples may include:
·         Combining offline strategies with the extended reach of digital
·         Balancing the desire for clear cut attribution versus giving the halo effect its due
·         What does a unified customer ID mean for your specific business?
·         Establishing baseline touchpoints for your customer journey – what are the most important milestones
·         Examining the life cycle of the customer and ascertaining where the business could be engaging more effectively

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Richard.

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