Success Story Eileen Shulock

Eileen Shulock’s eTail Story:

“I was very impressed with the list of technology firms at eTail. The exhibit hall was my one-stop shop for all the technology systems we were looking to get upgraded at my previous firm.”

Eileen Shulock
Former e-Commerce Vice President for a Designer Boutique Store

My Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How I've Participated: Speaker

My eTail Highlights: I was tasked with researching technology firms to upgrade some of my former company’s systems. By the time I was done touring the exhibit hall at eTail East 2016, my research was done! I immediately began scheduling appointments with firms to meet at the office.

‘I came back because I was hooked – to the speakers, to the content and the contacts I made’

Lori Hawthorne reached out to me late 2015 to participate at the West coast event. I decided to come back to attend the conference in Boston because I was hooked on meeting some of the best minds in the business. I came back from each event with a completely changed perspective on how we could reinvigorate our business operations.

‘I was woman on a mission at eTail East – I was not disappointed!’

Just before the event I was assigned to research the different solutions offered by technology firms to upgrade our systems. My research started and ended at eTail East – the exhibit hall was my one-stop research shop for the best technology firms in the retail industry. My former company is currently in talks with some of these companies to sign service contracts!

‘2017 will be a year of new opportunities for me….’

I am now looking for opportunities with other retail companies. But eTail remains my go-to conference for quality speaker, quality content and quality vendors. Hopefully, I get to come back to eTail in 2017 representing a new retail firm!