eTail Canada 2018

May 14 - 16, 2018

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON


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  • Edging Out the Competition in Canadian RetailEdging Out the Competition in Canadian Retail
    This benchmark report, based on survey data from exclusive retail professionals attending the eTail Canada 2016 event, explores the critical business and technology investments that leading Canadian retailers are making today.

    In E
    dging Out the Competition in Canadian Retail, you will discover how retailers are achieving:
    • promotions based on store locations and online purchase behavior
    • an aggregated view of customer cross-channel purchase history
    • a global view of inventory across brick-and-mortar stores
  • Borderless Commerce & Beyond: eTail CanadaBorderless Commerce & Beyond: eTail Canada's 2017 Director's Report
    Our research has shown that the biggest factor in revenue growth for Canadian companies has been those that have adopted a customer centric model. Marketers who personalize their online shopping experiences have noted a 760% increase in revenue.

    Building an online marketing mix that drives business value is essential for eCommerce success. Offering buyers options to browse, buy, and deliver gives your business the foundation for a great online experience— not just for at home in Canada, but cross-border. It’s time for Canadian businesses to think outside the borderline.

    In this year’s Director’s Report, Megan Kessler, Director of eTail Canada, analyzes the forces driving retail success and innovation and discusses how the retail landscape is facing major change in 2017.

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  • Attendee ListAttendee List

    eTail Canada is “the one stop shop” for ecommerce and multi-channel best practices, networking and technology evaluation for Canadian retailers.     

    Here’s A Snapshot Of Who Attended

    • 500+ Attendees
    • 90+ Speakers
    • From 200+ Companies including Adidas, Beyond the Rack, Cabela’s, Canadian Tire, Groupe Dynamite, Lululemon Athletica, L’Oreal Canada, Lowe’s, Purina, Sears, Staples, ToysRus, and many more.

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Reports & StudiesReports & Studies

  • How Canadian Retailers Are Confronting Inventory and Fulfillment ChallengesHow Canadian Retailers Are Confronting Inventory and Fulfillment Challenges
    The Canadian retail landscape is constantly changing. In an omnichannel world, Canadian brands are constantly being challenged to meet their customers on whatever channel is most convenient for them, and to deliver sold goods as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, that is not always easy.

    This paper will assess how Canadian brands are responding to the omnichannel paradigm and what that means for their changing inventory management practices. Omni-channel retail is shaking up consumers’ expectations, making them accustomed to seamless shopping and ordering across channels and, just as importantly, expedited delivery at low costs. This poses a unique problem for Canadian retail brands.

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