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Born in 1999, eTail is where the top minds at Canada's most successful retailers meet and learn. We’re bigger and better this year – covering every topic related to your job, both strategically and tactically. Experience tons of new comprehensive sessions, interactive learning, keynotes and more.

2018 Featured Speakers

Here are some of the leading minds in retail who presented at eTail Canada.

Duncan Blair ARTICLE-Wordmark-RBG

Andrew Turner

General Manager
Softlines for

Duncan Blair ARTICLE-Wordmark-RBG

Rochelle Ezekiel

Vice President, Marketing – North America
Hudson’s Bay Company

Van Stolk Peter SPUDCA_logo

Brendan Toupin

Director of eCommerce
Best Buy

Duncan Blair ARTICLE-Wordmark-RBG

Colin Picard

Director – Human Resources

Daryl Porter Walmart

Daryl Porter

VP, Omni-channel and Online Grocery
Wal-Mart Canada

Tarrant Chris Starbucks

Chris Tarrant

VP, Store Development & Design
Starbucks Canada

Nicole Tapscott casper-logo

Nicole Tapscott

GM, Canada

Anne Donohoe MEC-logos

Anne Donohoe

Chief Marketing Officer
Mountain Equipment Co-op

Van Stolk Peter SPUDCA_logo

Peter van Stolk

CEO and Managing Director

Duncan Blair ARTICLE-Wordmark-RBG

Nicolas Gaudreau

Chief Marketing Officer

Duncan Blair ARTICLE-Wordmark-RBG

Peter Housley

Chief Revenue Officer

Duncan Blair ARTICLE-Wordmark-RBG

Duncan Blair

Director of Marketing

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Who Attends eTail Canada?

From the Billion dollar club, to the start-ups. From travel, beauty, the arts, electronics and much more – eTail is for companies who want world-class eCommerce.


What You'll Learn

At eTail Canada, we are obsessed with ensuring we are discussing your top challenges to find results to bring back to your business. Some of the key topics covered at eTail Canada 2018 included:

Reducing Silos To Facilitate Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Companies are striving to create a seamless customer experience but are finding that, in order to do so, internal silos must shift to facilitate an integrated approach to omni-channel retail. Join your industry peers to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and how to embrace a culture of change within your company.

You'll hear more from:

  • Brendan Toupin, Director of eCommerce, Best Buy
  • Tara Conway, Vice President, eCommerce, The Source
  • Johnny Russo, Associate Vice President, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Mark’s
  • Jackson Lau, Co-Founder,

Crafting Digital Marketing that Drives Business Value

How companies choose to spend their money and time depends heavily on growth goals, industry, audience, and more. Benchmark your budget allocations and discover new ways to maximize your spend for ROI your executive team can believe in.

You'll hear more from:

  • Johnny Basto, ‎Director, Email Marketing, Indigo Books & Music
  • Noah Goldberg, V.P. eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Psycho Bunny
  • Tanbir Grover, Senior Director, eCommerce, Lowe’s Canada

Knowing Your Amazon Battle Plan & Focusing Your Company Strengths

You’re a Prime member yourself but geez - what is Amazon doing to your business? Shape up your strategy for living alongside the Big A, preparing for its latest incursions into your category, and buttressing your business as a thriving company because your product is beautiful, your customer experience is unparalleled, you are investing in technology, your team is second to none, your are diversifying your product and… you attended this event.

You'll hear more from:

  • Richard Sejean, Director of E-Commerce, Browns Shoes Inc.
  • Andrew Go, Director, e-Commerce, The Home Depot Canada
  • Tony Trew, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, Structube

Streamlining Delivery Operations With The Bottom Line In Mind

Delivery is expensive. How are other companies making it work? Is it even worth it? Speak your deepest darkest delivery questions aloud and connect with your peers on how everyone is making it work with a mix of shipping partners, savings in other areas, customer incentives, and in-store pickup.

You'll hear more from:

  • Eleanor Lynch, Director of Store Operations, LIDS Corp
  • Dan Klenkar, VP of Sales, Operations Solutions, Radial
  • Julian Gleizer, Co-founder and CEO, Instabuggy

Making More Of Merchandising With Omni-Product Info Management

Online you are not only competing against other products you are competing against ALL OTHER CONTENT. Build your bag of tricks for grabbing customer attention and sending them down the purchase funnel with our in-depth workshop and progressive discussions on community building, natural content, personalization, and more..

You'll hear more from:

  • Marianna Zidaric, Director of eCommerce, Spin Master

Tracking In-Store And Online Data For An Impactful Point Of Presence

Understanding where your customers are, what they are thinking, and where they drop their dollars in relation to all the time they’ve spent clicking and searching is the holy grail. No one has found it yet - or have they? We’ll be pulling together the pieces in May and sending attendees off with practical advice on tracking and attributing “the halo effect” as best you can..

You'll hear more from:

  • Tom Maryniarczyk, Director – Strategy, Analytics & Data Science,
  • Erin McKeever, Senior Digital Engagement Strategist, Nestlé Purina PetCare
  • Emir Ozdemir, Director, Digital Analytics, Rogers Communications

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