Catriona McDonald Success Story

My eTail Story by Catriona McDonald

‘We came with the intention of learning about online best practices. We left with a notebook full of ideas.’

Catriona McDonald
Sales & Marketing Manager
Kitco Metals

Catriona’s eTail Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How She’s Participated: Attendee

eTail Highlights: Our old school website is in need of a boost freshness and eTail provided us with the kind of ideas that would help us bring it back to the modern age!

'Why did we choose eTail? The topics were relevant, the speakers were interesting and the price was just right!'

Our IT Manager and I have been working together to boost the look and performance of our online website. We’d been hunting for an event/webinar that would help give us a run down of best practices. We heard about this event through a sales representative and were very excited to see that the topics covered were exactly what we were looking to learn.

'So much to talk about with our fellow-Canadian retailers!'

The speakers and presentations at the event were very interesting but the real learning, for us, was during the networking breaks. We were able to discuss challenges and learn from other online stores who are way ahead of the online game. I’m so glad I had my colleague with me – together we were able to gather more information and ideas than if we were to do it solo.

'There’s an app for it!'

I was pleasantly surprised (and impressed!) by the way the event organizers created an app just for attendees – you could check the agenda, connect with other attendees and keep track of any on site networking activities. Something else to incorporate into our own business!

Attending eTail has given us enough ideas to keep us busy through 2016. But we’ll need more for 2017 so we’ll be back!