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Mobile marketing is one of the newest forms of marketing that have hit the business world. It is similar to internet marketing that has become popular in the last few years, but it is targeted at mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than people only using laptops or an internet connection.

There are several ideas currently being developed that use mobile devices as a marketing platform and several that are already in use. One of the marketing initiatives that has been getting attention due to its success is texting lists. Similar to mailing lists, a customer sends a text message to a certain number, and this signs them up to recieve text blasts from a company. These texts usually include information about sales or specials that are going on, and they often include a special coupon code that can be used in store or online. The advantage of these coupon codes is that it makes it easy for a company to track sales from these texts because they will be flagged by this coupon code.

Another form of mobile marketing that is generating interest is allowing people to use their smart phones as loyalty cards. By using RFID technology, people can wave their smart phones at a reader, and it automatically charges the loyalty card for the purchase. Using the app that allow people to use smart phones as a loyalty or gift card, sales and discount information can be sent to the user. It is also simple to track the success of this initiative because transactions will be sent through this special system.

Some of the mobile marketing programs that are in the works include using geolocation tools to see when a customer is by a local store and altering them to sales or specials. Something that is also getting looked at is giving employees smart phones with apps that include product information databases on them. This allows employees to be instant experts on any product in a store and gives customers confidence in their purchases.

Using new marketing initiatives based on mobile platforms businesses can increase sales and easily track how successful these marketing plans are.

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