My eTail Story: Richard Cohene

Making the Connections that Count:

My eTail Canada Story by Richard Cohene

Richard Cohene
Vice President of Marketing
Beyond the Rack

Richard’s eTail Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2010

How He’s Participated: Attendee & Speaker

eTail Highlights: Richard enjoys the seniority of the audience, well curated topics, and networking opportunities present at eTail Canada, and has even made connections that have turned into hires.

eTail Canada is an intimate forum where business leaders can connect.

Since my first eTail five years ago, I’ve come back as an attendee and as a speaker. I’ve been drawn to eTail by the intimate feel on site, where the community is attuned to what’s going on in the industry and more importantly, is very willing to meet new people and exchange ideas. The event is a no-nonsense gathering of retailers, where the subject matter helps you stay current and the seniority of the audience is director level and up.

eTail Canada is all about community.

A good ratio of retailers to vendors means that you can meet people with solutions if you’re looking for them, but you will also be learning from people who are engaged in the same areas that you are. While I enjoy many parts of the conference, the real draw that has kept me coming back is the community I’ve built up around the event.

eTail Canada introduced me to people who I’ve kept in contact with, and even hired.

The quality of the people at eTail Canada is very high, and it’s apparent when you listen to the sessions at the conference. I’ve learned a lot from the other attendees regarding best practices and what’s new in retail. In terms of what I take back with me to the office, it’s more than just insight from my peers. I’ve made connections with vendors on the technology side, as well as qualified, intelligent people who I’ve actually hired. That type of benefit is something you don’t typically find at other conferences.