Rose Hamilton Success Story

“eTail is a big opportunity. It allows you and your brand to shine.”

Rose Hamilton, EVP & CMO, Pet360 Inc.

Rose’s eTail Story at a Glance

  • First year at eTail: 2000
  • Participant, speaker, panelist
  • Helped form Women in Retail roundtable
  • Sees eTail’s strong, engaged community as the event’s biggest asset
  • Connections formed at eTail have resulted in collaboration opportunities and hiring opportunities

My eTail Story: Rose Hamilton

“eTail has put me in connection with all the right people, who have helped me grow every business I’ve touched.”

I first came to eTail in 2000 while I was with Wilson’s Leather, and I’ve been coming back ever since. It was back in 2000 when I first realized that eTail was a great opportunity for online and multi-channel retailers to interface with solution providers and suppliers who could help us address our challenges. These days, eTail has evolved into a much more personal, community-centric event providing us with meaningful networking opportunities and peer-to-peer discussions. For me, eTail is a great place to interact with colleagues who share my goals and challenges on a day-to-day basis. What’s more, eTail delivers very intimate sessions and industry-leading speaking faculty who deliver insights that can be immediately translated into real business value.

But for me, eTail has been much more than a great community and source of actionable information. For the past few years, I have shared my experiences and expertise as an eTail speaker and panelist, which has helped me to become a recognized leader in my industry. And like my career, eTail has progressed over the years: just as the event has helped tens of thousands of retail professionals like me improve our businesses and grow our careers, we have continually brought our expertise and authority back to the conference. I believe that this synergy is the foundation of eTail and the reason it is the premier multi-channel and online retail conference: the team behind eTail is dedicated to supporting the growth of the retail industry through high-level networking and extensive thought leadership.

Creating Lasting Connections with a Robust Community

“eTail is the most engaged community of online retail experts. They come together to explore the industry’s most important issues and shape how it evolves.”

eTail is all about community, about retail professionals cultivating strong, lasting connections with one another. This engaged community is at the center of my eTail story; I have made the most of my networking opportunities at eTail, forming professional bonds that have lasted long past each conference’s closing remarks. For me, these connections have resulted in project collaborations and consulting opportunities with event participants who recognize me as an industry leader. eTail has had a similar impact on my recruiting practices. Not only have I been called on to give referrals for fellow participants, I even hired an employee whom I first met at the end of one of my eTail presentations!

Speaking of networking, I made a great connection with another woman at an eTail breakfast more than a year ago. We happened to live nearby one another, so we maintained a correspondence after the event, talking occasionally to share advice and experiences. Eventually, our correspondence touched on an agency decision her business was making. I had some familiarity with the agencies they were reviewing, so I was happy to share my insight to help inform my colleague’s decision. This is just one more example of how connections made at eTail have permeated my career.

Making My Mark: The Women in Retail Roundtable

Like most eTail attendees, the bonds I have formed at the event extend beyond my immediate peers. For instance, I have developed great working relationships with the eTail team, particularly Director Lori Holden-Hawthorne. In 2014, based on a string of conversations Lori and I had, we formed Women in Retail, an exclusive networking roundtable that brings together female leaders to discuss retail best practices and share our valuable experiences. That same year, I was fortunate enough to moderate the Women in Retail panel at eTail East and help solidify this unique network.

I truly believe that this session was a result of Lori’s deep investment in our community. Ever cognizant of the community’s desire for small, focused interactions, Lori sought out to make the Women in Retail roundtable an intimate gathering. I’d like to think that with my help, Women in Retail turned out to be just that, and it has galvanized an important core of eTail attendees

“I’ve been attending eTail conferences for over 10 years and somehow you always manage to make it even better every year. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Transforming Retail. Together.