Deep Dive Roundtables

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It’s your turn to share – and ask the questions you might not want to announce to an entire room! Join a dozen of your peers in small group, face-to-face, discussion on your most stubborn pain points. Warning: Your tablemates may be the best new connections you make throughout the event.

Creative Boardroom - (Retailer Only)


Close the door, let it out, and take it in. Creative boardrooms are free flowing discussion on topics chosen by the group.

Case Study Interactive

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No one wants to sit through presentation after presentation, over and over! Remix your experience! You’ll chat in groups and solve a key challenge raised during a case study presentation.

Reception @ SPiN

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Grab a partner, grab a paddle, and join us at SPiN for an evening of friendly competition of ping pong. And if you’re not up for the challenge, no worries! We’ll have music going, and awesome eats and drinks.

Problem Solving Workshop

Be honest: have you ever wondered, “am I doing this wrong?” Facing your day to day challenges alone at your desk can feel like shouting into the void sometimes – but we hear you! Take advantage of this chance to get the insights of how your industry peers would deal with Problem X and how they consider Factors Y and Z as you take down a hypothetical together, discover new action items, and get some perspective on your approach (you’re doing great!).

Women In Retail Breakfast


Join and network with this exclusive group of fierce femmes; cultivate new friendships and discuss topics that are important to your career development.

Debate Team Style Panels


There’s no one way to tackle those big picture questions like fulfillment or talent. The one thing we can agree on is that you all have a passion for retail, and that you have opinions to go with it! Step up to see your peers bring their positions on the theme – and then dig in to flesh out the pros and cons.