YourAmigo Success Story

3 Reasons We Sponsor eTail:

Gary Smith, VP Global Marketing and Sales at YourAmigo, explains why sponsorship of eTail events has been such a boon to their business over the past decade.

YourAmigo started life in 1999 as a scalable, artificial intelligence- based enterprise search engine. For the last 12 years YourAmigo has specialized and Big Data Platform has been helping larger online businesses worldwide scale to find large volumes of incremental, non-branded, long-tail traffic and revenue from organic search while creating a great user experience.

Over the course of almost a decade, Vice-President of Global Sales and Marketing Gary Smith has watched eTail grow into a world-class event, commending its commitment to providing quality connections. Here’s a look at YourAmigo’s eTail sponsorship successes, as told by Gary:

A great onsite experience and high quality content set the stage for great interactions.

eTail has had a significant impact on our company, and not just from a sales point of view. Through our sponsorship we have had great interaction with etailers by moderating speaking panels and working together at roundtables to solve their problems. Building relationships is also really important to us, and eTail is a great place to do it. Reason being that retailers know that they’re not only going to learn from the keynote addresses and panels, but they’re also going to find out about the latest technologies and services that can help them improve their businesses. The eTail team has done really well creating an environment in which vendors and retailers have respectful interactions.

At eTail, everyone is really open to accessing, sharing and receiving new information, as well as looking for new solutions. That makes our discussions more fruitful, and we learn more because attendees have more time to share information. They let us know what they want and what they don't want. So overall, eTail has been a significant part of our marketing and a key component of our interactions with our clients.

For our business, the numbers work.

Taking into account everything we did at the event, we actually had more meaningful interactions with new prospects than we ever have before. Since the event ended, we have had tremendous success following up our eTail interactions.

The eTail team is highly dedicated and deeply invested in this event - and they're always finding ways to improve it.

The eTail team cares. They work extremely hard to make sure the event is first class and that they’re always improving. It’s an extremely high quality show both in content and format, and it has a great balance between educational content, great experiences for attendees, and valuable interactions between attendees and solutions providers.

This event was, by far, the best that I’ve ever attended or that my company has ever attended – and not just in terms of eTail shows, but shows in general.