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At eTail Canada, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in eCommerce and retail. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

Amazon's Plan To Take Over The Pharmacy Industry

Amazon is now looking to grow further by becoming an online pharmacy. It's easy to see why Amazon has been considering roads into the industry. The UK pharmacy market alone is worth £12 billion/year.

Facebook's Strategy To Take on Zillow With A New Real Estate Marketplace

While the initial response to the Facebook Marketplace has been lukewarm, Facebook isn't giving up on the service yet. Looking for inspiration from services such as Zillow, Facebook is now expanding its marketplace.....

Here's Why Walmart Is Investing Big In Silicon Valley

Walmart is the world's largest company, but with ecommerce being an increasingly popular method for consumers, Walmart has needed to look outside its retail store roots for ways to connect with its base.

How Hudson's Bay Company is Reinventing Itself as a Digital Institution

Even in 2018, many companies are still finding new ways to diversify during their digital transformation, and long-time retail giant the Hudson's Bay Company is no different.

Casper's Refreshing Content Marketing Strategy

Casper has had tremendous success breaking into a market dominated by a few big players, and no small part of this success is down to how it presents itself through content marketing.

Indochino's Omnichannel Experience Strategy

Indochino is making a decisive push into the realms of bricks-and-mortar, with omnichannel its prime focus.

How SPUD is Making Fresh Partnerships to Grow into Success

Many businesses are looking for ways to become more sustainable. Grocery Delivery company SPUD is looking to prove that sustainability is more than just a name.

Why Frank Oak Isn’t Afraid to Constantly Reinvent Itself

Song and Ratnani have built a brand that’s as much about what it sells as it is about embracing and even pioneering change. They believe that the next phase of digital retail will incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to further personalize the customer experience.

How HBC Uses a Robotic Fulfilment System for eCommerce Distribution

Now, Canada’s oldest retailer (Hudson Bay Co.) is positioning itself to be the frontrunner in online commerce, and is doing so by placing its future in the hands of robots.

Canada Goose “Goes Retail” with Latest Marketing Strategy

It’s becoming something of a global phenomenon. Increasingly, more and more brands are deciding to spread their wings and “go retail”, either by opening online stores or, as is the case with Canada Goose, actual physical locations on the high street.

L’Oréal Canada's Influencer Marketing Strategy

The beauty industry has, over recent years, enjoyed much success through influencer marketing initiatives, but L’Oréal’s influencer marketing strategies have always been especially powerful and innovative.